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Changing lives – through literacy.

To make a contribution now to change the course of someone’s life, please go to: Jaipur Education Project (on the CrowdRise funding website). Your donations are fully tax deductible.

The two carefully vetted, participating schools are secular and enroll children from all religious backgounds. Schools tuitions (including uniform and school supplies) vary according to the grade and location of the school (average annual tuition is $180 per student).

This is an act of love, and because we are volunteering our time, your contribution goes directly to the Jaipur schools that we are working with to provide each child the best opportunity to study.

For more info or any questions about Jaipur Education Project, contact Jean at

students in the classroom

Aarim (3rd grade)

Kanishka (4th grade)

Neha (3rd grade)

Nikhil (10th grade)

Aafrien (7th grade)
Yunus (3rd grade)

A few photos of current students and their families.